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Pull-Ups while Hooping



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Get Hooping, Getti Garcia, Get Hooping with Getti, Getti Kehayova

For ONLINE Classes, send a message for the Zoom ID/password

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Example of Online class

Example of Online class

Guinness World Record - LARGEST HULA HOOP SPUN

Get Hooping with Getti Hula Hoop Fitness Workout Las Vegas, Getti Garcia, hula hoop fitness classes las vegas



My highly energetic and positive attitude will have everyone motivated to keep twirling their way to feeling fit, strong, and ready to take on the world.

So lets Get Hooping!




Classes are held at various gyms, studios and events in the Las Vegas/Henderson area.
For Information or inquiries, please use the contact form. Or you may also search on Facebook - "Get Hooping with Getti"
For private Workshop Hula Hoop classes, click on the Workshop Photo below:
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work out hula hoops


"My goal is to inspire and motivate people!"

"Find your center in the hula hoop! Stay positive, stay strong, and Get Hooping!"



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Hula Hoops fitness classes workout instructor
Get Hooping
Get Hooping with Getti

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Hoop Fitness Classes

Lets get hooping for fun and let the exercise happen accidentally! 

I believe hooping is an exciting and effective way for people of all ages to get an amazing workout. I've created my classes with an emphasis on fitness and well-being, incorporating a careful breakdown of each move along the way. I encourage my students to feel confident in their ability to get a great workout and reach their goals. Promoting happiness has been the backbone of my career so I must warn that laughter will occur in this class! After all, it is an added benefit for those abdominal muscles! 


                             Hoop Fitness Advantages

My hooping classes range from 30 minutes to an hour, allowing for a calorie burn of 400 to 600 per class. Yes, you will burn all those calories without even losing your breath! You may think that all of the toning will take place around the waist/tummy area. Actually, with the constant push-pull contraction of the core muscles that occurs during hooping, you will also achieve an incredible workout

in your thighs, calves, and arms! As an added bonus, hooping will improve your overall coordination, balance and posture. 


                              Custom Weighted Hoops

My weighted hoops are specially made and specifically designed for exercise

and fitness routines. The larger size and extra weight makes it easier to rotate, especially for beginners, allowing for longer periods of gyration.




Get Hooping with Getti
hula hoop fitness instructor las vegas
Getti Kehayova
Hooping Instructor


"I grew up in the circus as an acrobat

and a motorcycle daredevil.

I am proud to be the only woman in the world to ride a motorcycle in the

'Triple-Splitting Globe of Death'! 

The best part has been this incredible journey around the world with my family of performers! All my life, I have happily entertained audiences near and far.  

Now, my goal is to inspire and motivate people to restore their body, stay active,

healthy, and feel positive! I believe my  

'Get Hooping' classes provide a portal

through which people of all ages can achieve a real connection to their inner child. So lets GET FIT, and lets GET HOOPING!"

Get Hooping
female globe of death rider



Getti only woman in the world to ride in a splitting Globe of Death
Getti Hula Hooping Extraordinaire
aerial hula hoop act Getti
flying hoops, hula hoops in the air, aerial hooping
hula hoop fitness instructor Getti Get Hooping Las Vegas
Getti Kehayova hula hoops
Getti hula hoops costume by Mark Smith
hula hoops artist Getti